Page 21 Released Today


Blam. Even a printer-less rain-full Bank Holiday can’t stop us from getting the Page out, just about. Page 21 is released today. Pick it up, open it out and read poems and short stories written in cities from Stockholm to Sevilla and Paris to Philadelphia. Here’s the boyo Jean, kindly giving a few minutes of time to stand in the rain on his break from work. If you’d like it sent to your door, grab one here for £3 or head to one of our stockists. 


Stocked at Foyles Bookstore at the Southbank Centre, London!



You can now pick up a copy of the latest Page from the Foyles Bookshop branch at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre. The Southbank Centre is an area of galleries, theatres and general cool things to do on the south side of the River Thames. Grab a Page for £2 and chill by the river for £0.

Bath Time


If you like the Pages, then you’d probably like to have one delivered to your door every two weeks – right? You can get the next seven of them for £19 by clicking here. And look, we bathe together. Props to Alex ‘The Man with the Thighs’ Manthei, Editor in Chief of Two Words For, for the photo. 

“Sunday Snippets”


Lazy and sunny and sleepy Sunday evenings can blur by. So, we’ve decided that every week we’ll release some “Sunday Snippets” from the latest Page on our Twitter. We’ll put them on here too.

First up this week, is Hannah Spector’s ‘[peeling glass], which begins:
‘the world
was made of fuzzy
glass and all
that was needed
of my body
was stillness
so my mother
could wield
me lightly across
the rocks.’

Next is a short excerpt from Jonathan Larson’s prose-piece ‘Eye 1’:

‘just a slim niblet I take into my hand as he takes into his hand but not yet into my pocket as he not yet into his pocket because it is not mine until I give back  nothing really  just brain space 1 gestured token 1 scale on which to set and consider the generational exchange  taking and naeming   1 airrift between A & E’

The third is the opening stanza to Marie McGrath’s poem ‘Strange Man’:

After you cried the night before,

babbling moronic like you’d

never learned to speak at all,’


The final for this week comes from Erik Pederson’s short poem ‘Brush with death’…

& the best part of the car wash

occurs when the engorged red brushes come

and slap my car in unision’

They’re all from the first side of Page 20. We’ll tweet from the other side next week. If you’ve been lured in by these excerpts – then buy a copy from here to touch and smell and read for yourself.

Things we said at ‘La Pietra Dialogues’



So, like, yeh. We said some words in Florence at the NYU La Pietra Dialogues discussion on ‘The Power of Poetry in Contemporary European Society’ a few weeks ago. Some of these words were live-tweeted on their twitter feed, along with photos and other little bits. Here’s a few select segments of things that were said – and you can see the others on their twitter.

Spring Subscription

ImageOur Spring Subscription starts with Page 20. Subscribe to get the next 7 issues delivered to your door for £19 wherever you are on the big ball we all live on. Remi likes pizza, and the Pages. He likes them both. Grab a subscription here for contemporary writing from all over the world.

Page 20 Released



Page 20 is being released later today. It’s the first Page for 7 months in which both editors have been in Paris to put it together, together. Inside are 10 writers from 10 different cities across the world, including Birmingham, England which is very close to where one of the co-editors was born. You can grab a copy for £3 here, now, and we’ll send it to you, there, wherever you are. Here’s the bronzed beauty Evan showing it off back at Spoken Word in Paris on Monday.

Pages on the Tube

ImageIn the last few months, we’ve printed a few Pages with very slight errors inside that we haven’t wanted to sell. Rather than let them lay to waste, I’ve started leaving them on the underground and on buses and on benches and in cafes for people to read. If you pick one up or see one hanging around, let us know. Streetwords.

We’re going to talk at the New York University in Florence, Italy!



There’s some really exciting news that we’re really excited about. We have been asked to go and speak at an event on ‘The Power of Poetry in Contemporary European Society’ at the New York University’s Centre in Florence, Italy on 7th May. If you’re in Florence, come and say hi and maybe listen to a few words. We are forever indebted to the people who have helped set this up.

Page 19 Released



After a short Easter-Egg related delay, Page 19 is released today. Inside are 10 pieces by 10 different authors from all over the world. Here’s pretty-city-boy Pearson, fresh from running the London Marathon last week, flashing an adoring/slightly creepy smile at the Page. Buy a copy for £3 and get it sent to your door here: