Pages About To Go Flying


“The dinner was prepared beautifully, as usual;
you could almost taste the tears
and they tasted like kisses, no they tasted better: like
first kisses taste when regurgitated in daydreams” 
Begins a beautifully rendered domestic dinner situation by Elliott Kime in the Second Page. Grab a copy here to read the rest of the poem.

The Pages are flying on their way to cities including New York, Tokyo, Milan, Paris, London, Texas, Oxford, Odense and of course Accrington.


2 thoughts on “Pages About To Go Flying

  1. Thanks for the good luck, and also for not submitting. We think it’s pretty rude to criticise another writer’s work on a website for a new publication. Criticise us as much as you like, loads if you want, but don’t criticise somebody else’s work. Have a fun day NOT getting along with people because of their word choices 🙂

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