The Pages on Study Break in New York.

ImageMuch love to Louis Slade-Caffarel who sent us this picture of his Page 8 ‘whilst on a Saturday study break in the park’ in New York. You’ll be able to tell whether your Page was folded in Paris or London by the ink-stamp on the front cover. The London ‘8’ is thin and gaunt whereas the Paris ‘8’ is more elegant. Stereotypes, hey. You can get a Page to hang out with for yourself from here.


We just got named as one of Foyles’ Magazines of the Week.


It’s really good because we just got named as one of Foyles‘ magazines of the week and that’s a really good thing to have happened and we’re really happy that you’ve all not only helped us get there, but gotten there yourselves. Really good. Look at us all up in the front page’s grill and ting. Poetry getting cool again. Yes.

Trinity News Article

ImageIf you fancy some Wednesday afternoon reading, take a look at Trinity College Dublin’s ‘Trinity News’. It’s a really beautiful publication. Their features editor, Dylan Joyce-Ahearne, asked us to write an article about the story of the Pages so far. To read it, click here and flick through to Page 9-10. We say some silly stuff and some serious stuff and some inbetween stuff.  

Page 8 Released!



Page 8 released yesterday. To make it look even cooler – it is being presented to you by a lovely Aussie siren. It was very difficult to prevent her from singing throughout the taking of the photo, but we just about managed it. You can buy a copy online for £2 + shipping here or from one of our stockists.

Foyles Magazine Window


A rainy and chilly Mommy and Daddy wanted to go and see the Pages on sale at Foyles in London. This is their illustrious ‘Magazines Window’ on the Charing Cross Road. And, nestled in the left hand corner is something called the Belleville Park Pages. Big up to all you writers and readers for getting it there. Seriously. If you fancy a copy but can’t get to Foyles, or our other stockists – you can grab one or subscribe here.

A Small Bag Through Customs

ImageHere’s a picture of co-editor James in Paris with Page 2. He doesn’t live in Paris anymore but most of the back stock of Pages still do. If anybody knows of anyone making a journey from Paris to London over the next week, who wouldn’t mind taking a small bag of Pages through customs and handing them over to James on the other side (THEY’RE ONLY PAPER AND INK…HONEST) it would be really appreciated. And rewarded. We’re not sure how yet. But, we will.

We Did An Interview. Ooh.

ImageWhilst the two editors of the Pages were living at Shakespeare and Company in Paris, we did an interview with the ‘Tumbleweed Correspondent’ Tom Hodges. Tom’s interview style is both refreshing and revealing – he types absolutely everything that he hears during the interview. Due to this technique, we come across a bit silly. I think we are a bit silly. Read and judge us here.