Sophie Haigney – Author of our ‘Little Page’ supplement “Halves”



Here’s Sophie Haigney, whose story ‘Halves’ is included as a free ‘Little Page’ supplement when you buy Page 10. It is one of the most memorable pieces of prose I have ever read. Sophie is from San Francisco and is now in her first year at Yale University. We’ve been looking for a way to print this genuinely incredible piece of writing since reading it after meeting Sophie for the first time – and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Grab yourself a copy here:


Page 10 Released Today With Special ‘Little Page’ Supplement

ImageHere is the 10th Issue of the Belleville Park Pages. To celebrate getting this far – we have included a very special ‘Little Page’. Inside it you will find Sophie Haigney’s Short Story “Halves”. It is a lucidly beautiful piece of writing that will occupy your thoughts long after reading it for the first time. You will truly read it again & again. To show it off – here’s a little brother holding a little page. Give it a read –


Mysterious Issue 10 Releases Tomorrow


Our Issue 10 releases tomorrow. We’ve mentioned a few surprises will be included with it – and here’s a rubber stamp Question Mark to heighten its mysteriousness. There’s also an empty wine glass to show how Rock ‘n’ Roll the Pages are, seriously. We hope you’re excited to see what’s coming out tomorrow – we are.

Backstreet’s (Belleville’s) Back Alright.

ImageAgainst real life law, Will got through Border Control and dropped into London this morning. We took a well good selfie for proof. We’re going to be working our gluteus maximus off from the same house for the next two months. Backstreet’s back alright. Yep.

Stocked at the Newsstand, NYC

We just got stocked at the Newsstand in the Lorimer/Metropolitan L/G subway stop in New York. It’s SOUPAH C00L and even has a “mini-zine vending machine, which serves up a mystery art book to anyone with four quarters to spare.” If you’re in NYC, check the place out. If not, take a look at the video. It’s a real nice idea. There’s a The New York Times article on it here. Hip.

Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop


Happy to announce that you can now find the Pages at Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop, a shop in DUMBO, Brooklyn completely devoted to poetry publications. The shop is beautiful and run by two very nice poets, Farrah and Jared. Picked up the lovely No, Dear Magazine to get up to speed on new NY poets. Give Berl’s a visit and pick up Page 9 while you’re in.