Smuggled. Our completely willing courier, Nina, arrived in London last night with the stash of the real good stuff we were waiting for (paper). Harassed at the border, held at passport control and followed by snarling authorities for three minutes afterwards – it was no easy ride. But we’ve got the paper, and Page 16 will be out on Monday. Massive thanks to Nina DailyMailHeadlineWaitingToHappen Mazodier.


Paper still missing.


We’re not sure when this photo came into fruition, but fruit it did. The paper we need to print Page 16 is still hovering somewhere that isn’t here, and therefore we’re going to have to delay it until 3rd March. We’re sorry. And frustrated. This guy, however, looks like he knows where all the paper and lipstick in the whole wide world hides. Well, at least some of it.

Faux-Noir Pages



Page 15s in their best faux-noir. We’ve been sold out of them for a week over here in London, but got a dodgy delivery from Paris yesterday. FoylesBrick Lane Bookshop, Orchard and Little Orchard Cafe will all be restocked tomorrow. WHO are THEY being sent to? DARK. Get one sent to you for £3, which includes shipping, from here:

Selling like warm-ish cakes

ImagePage 15 is selling like warm-ish cakes. Little Orchard Cafe in London has sold out, and Foyles is on the way too. If you want to read about ‘Escaping Absurdly’, ‘Pornography’ or even ‘Rituals of the Flesh’ (all poem titles from the issue) then head over to one of our stockists or pay £2 + £1 postage to get one delivered to wherever you are in the world. It’s a nice thing to wake up to hot poetry.

Adnan Sarwar in Page 15


Published in Page 15 is Adnan Sarwar‘s piece ‘Put me in a boat in the sky’. Adnan is a former British Soldier, who won the Bodley Head/Financial Times Essay Prize for his essay ‘British Muslim Soldier’. It is an incredibly complex, interesting and moving piece of writing that demands multiple re-reads. The editor of the FT Weekend described as ‘non-fiction with all the velocity of a gripping short story.’ Click the link to read:

Strawberries in Seville

Image Glor Sander’s piece ‘Mudlark’ was published in Page 14. She sent us this picture of the Page nestled amongst some lovely lookin’ strawberries in her house in Seville. We had lots of nice photos like this sent to us during the summer, but not too many during the winter. You freezing fiends. Here’s a short, relevant-to-food extract from ‘Mudlark’:

‘We fed everything but our instincts,
feasted on leftovers from the brief respite into oblivion.’