Page 18 Released



Oh hey, we’ve just turned 18. A big one. And to celebrate, we made the trip over the road to stand outside the permanently lit ‘Kentish Town Kebab’. Page 18 is released today with 12 writers inside. This is the third Page for the month of March 2014. We haven’t had 3 Pages in 1 month since July 2013 – and we definitely weren’t all grown up then. Enough numbers, buy a Page and read some words.


Page 17 Released.


P-P-Page 17 is released today. Inside, there’s 8 authors from 8 different cities across the world, with 8 different pieces that you should read. Here’s Ian close to falling into the water. It’s not waterproof. But it does swim. Available from one of our stockists, the Spoken Word in Paris / Paris Lit Up events or online here:

The Pages Stocked in California.



The Pages have migrated south along the Pacific. We’re excited to announce our first stockist in California (WE KEEP IT ROCKIN’), the innovative BOOK/SHOP in Oakland. BOOK/SHOP stocks a revolving combination of books, magazines, furnishings and other surprises. If you’re in the Bay Area, head over. 

Sunny Pages Restocked in Foyles



We’ve restocked Foyles on Charing Cross Road with yesterday’s release of Page 16. They are also going to continually stock one copy of every Page that has ever ever ever been released. It’s cool that there’ll be a mini-Pages library chilling out in there all the time – and a nice evolution to see from the very very first Page to the very very latest. It was sunny today, you can see a line of the sun in this photo.

Page 16 Released

ImageIt’s been four wet and windy weeks since our last issue due to a paper shortage – but we’re back with Page 16. Inside are 13 different writers from cities ranging from Cambridge, UK to Chongqing, China. Here’s Lucia looking all sneaky and cheeky. You can get Page 16 from one of our stockists, from the Spoken Word in Paris or Paris Lit Up events or get it sent to your door for £3 here