“Sunday Snippets”


Lazy and sunny and sleepy Sunday evenings can blur by. So, we’ve decided that every week we’ll release some “Sunday Snippets” from the latest Page on our Twitter. We’ll put them on here too.

First up this week, is Hannah Spector’s ‘[peeling glass], which begins:
‘the world
was made of fuzzy
glass and all
that was needed
of my body
was stillness
so my mother
could wield
me lightly across
the rocks.’

Next is a short excerpt from Jonathan Larson’s prose-piece ‘Eye 1’:

‘just a slim niblet I take into my hand as he takes into his hand but not yet into my pocket as he not yet into his pocket because it is not mine until I give back  nothing really  just brain space 1 gestured token 1 scale on which to set and consider the generational exchange  taking and naeming   1 airrift between A & E’

The third is the opening stanza to Marie McGrath’s poem ‘Strange Man’:

After you cried the night before,

babbling moronic like you’d

never learned to speak at all,’


The final for this week comes from Erik Pederson’s short poem ‘Brush with death’…

& the best part of the car wash

occurs when the engorged red brushes come

and slap my car in unision’

They’re all from the first side of Page 20. We’ll tweet from the other side next week. If you’ve been lured in by these excerpts – then buy a copy from here to touch and smell and read for yourself.


Things we said at ‘La Pietra Dialogues’



So, like, yeh. We said some words in Florence at the NYU La Pietra Dialogues discussion on ‘The Power of Poetry in Contemporary European Society’ a few weeks ago. Some of these words were live-tweeted on their twitter feed, along with photos and other little bits. Here’s a few select segments of things that were said – and you can see the others on their twitter.

Page 19 Released



After a short Easter-Egg related delay, Page 19 is released today. Inside are 10 pieces by 10 different authors from all over the world. Here’s pretty-city-boy Pearson, fresh from running the London Marathon last week, flashing an adoring/slightly creepy smile at the Page. Buy a copy for £3 and get it sent to your door here: http://www.bellevilleparkpages.com/#buy 

Zelda Chappel’s ‘Icon’ in Page 18


This is exactly the kind of reaction that reading Zelda Chappel’s ‘Icon’ in Page 18 can induce. Quotation – 

“Afterwards the radio refused 
to sing the way it used to
the sun rising silent in the glass
so as not to be noticed
slipping in days right under 
our noses.”

You can have that very same reaction by getting the Page delivered to your door and then reading the words inside it here – http://www.bellevilleparkpages.com/#buy

Page 17 Released.


P-P-Page 17 is released today. Inside, there’s 8 authors from 8 different cities across the world, with 8 different pieces that you should read. Here’s Ian close to falling into the water. It’s not waterproof. But it does swim. Available from one of our stockists, the Spoken Word in Paris / Paris Lit Up events or online here: http://www.bellevilleparkpages.com/#buy

The Pages Stocked in California.



The Pages have migrated south along the Pacific. We’re excited to announce our first stockist in California (WE KEEP IT ROCKIN’), the innovative BOOK/SHOP in Oakland. BOOK/SHOP stocks a revolving combination of books, magazines, furnishings and other surprises. If you’re in the Bay Area, head over. 

Sunny Pages Restocked in Foyles



We’ve restocked Foyles on Charing Cross Road with yesterday’s release of Page 16. They are also going to continually stock one copy of every Page that has ever ever ever been released. It’s cool that there’ll be a mini-Pages library chilling out in there all the time – and a nice evolution to see from the very very first Page to the very very latest. It was sunny today, you can see a line of the sun in this photo.