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Zelda Chappel’s ‘Icon’ in Page 18


This is exactly the kind of reaction that reading Zelda Chappel’s ‘Icon’ in Page 18 can induce. Quotation – 

“Afterwards the radio refused 
to sing the way it used to
the sun rising silent in the glass
so as not to be noticed
slipping in days right under 
our noses.”

You can have that very same reaction by getting the Page delivered to your door and then reading the words inside it here – http://www.bellevilleparkpages.com/#buy

Sunday Chilling.


Having recently realised that there aren’t really many photos of the Pages ‘open’, it was suggested that some of you might not even know what the hell the inside of the little critters looks like. Here they are, guts splayed out all over the rug back in Wolverhampton. In amongst the guts is Nina Mazodier’s piece ‘Last embrace’ which begins, surreally :

‘This one slender and annoying girl, continuously chewing a dead bird in the coffee shop queue’

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Lazing on the Sofa



A lazy Thursday morning for the Pages lounging on the sofa contrasted with a busy morning for deliveries and mail. Being able to read through the Page whilst stamping is a more than ample distraction. Here’s a particularly distracting few lines from Alice Ju’s poem ‘Renunciation’: 
‘Do not think I have forgotten how you
spilt monstrous, dripped monsters carried to the 
light-lit fence, light breaking paper tigers
lit not since.’

Page 18 Released



Oh hey, we’ve just turned 18. A big one. And to celebrate, we made the trip over the road to stand outside the permanently lit ‘Kentish Town Kebab’. Page 18 is released today with 12 writers inside. This is the third Page for the month of March 2014. We haven’t had 3 Pages in 1 month since July 2013 – and we definitely weren’t all grown up then. Enough numbers, buy a Page and read some words. http://www.bellevilleparkpages.com/#buy

Page 17 Released.


P-P-Page 17 is released today. Inside, there’s 8 authors from 8 different cities across the world, with 8 different pieces that you should read. Here’s Ian close to falling into the water. It’s not waterproof. But it does swim. Available from one of our stockists, the Spoken Word in Paris / Paris Lit Up events or online here: http://www.bellevilleparkpages.com/#buy

The Pages Stocked in California.



The Pages have migrated south along the Pacific. We’re excited to announce our first stockist in California (WE KEEP IT ROCKIN’), the innovative BOOK/SHOP in Oakland. BOOK/SHOP stocks a revolving combination of books, magazines, furnishings and other surprises. If you’re in the Bay Area, head over.