Page 20 Released



Page 20 is being released later today. It’s the first Page for 7 months in which both editors have been in Paris to put it together, together. Inside are 10 writers from 10 different cities across the world, including Birmingham, England which is very close to where one of the co-editors was born. You can grab a copy for £3 here, now, and we’ll send it to you, there, wherever you are. Here’s the bronzed beauty Evan showing it off back at Spoken Word in Paris on Monday.


Sunday Chilling.


Having recently realised that there aren’t really many photos of the Pages ‘open’, it was suggested that some of you might not even know what the hell the inside of the little critters looks like. Here they are, guts splayed out all over the rug back in Wolverhampton. In amongst the guts is Nina Mazodier’s piece ‘Last embrace’ which begins, surreally :

‘This one slender and annoying girl, continuously chewing a dead bird in the coffee shop queue’

Read it here:

The Pages Stocked in California.



The Pages have migrated south along the Pacific. We’re excited to announce our first stockist in California (WE KEEP IT ROCKIN’), the innovative BOOK/SHOP in Oakland. BOOK/SHOP stocks a revolving combination of books, magazines, furnishings and other surprises. If you’re in the Bay Area, head over. 

Getting Ready



Preparing some stuff for the Interrobang festival tomorrow. If any of you are around in London – head down. It’s gonna be fun. If not, then just look at this picture of what we gone done with some of them stamp things.

Stockists Series



Over the next couple of weeks we are going to be doing a series of little pieces on our stockists, and we will start with our newest: 

We’re happy to announce that we are now stocked in Trident Booksellers and Cafe on Newbury Street in Boston. Stop in to grab a Page, a book and a lunch at their delicious cafe. We recommend the Prosciutto & Melted Brie sandwich…it has figs in it…FIGS.

Page 11 Released!

IMG_9148Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Page 11 was released on Monday, but we couldn’t find a head to put it on top of until today. So, here it is – resting on Millie’s very nice head indeed. There are ten very nice pieces written by people from Turku, Finland to Houston, USA. You can grab a copy from one of our very nice stockists or order one to land at your front door from our reasonably nice website. All in all, very nice indeed.

Foyles’ “Magazine of The Week”



We’re crazy, craazy happy because the Pages got named as one of Foyles“Magazines of the Week” again. They comment that the content is ‘as always fresh and inspiring’ and praised us for our ‘continued innovation’. Girls and Guys, they’re talking about you here. Big up. Let’s keep it going.