Page 20 Released



Page 20 is being released later today. It’s the first Page for 7 months in which both editors have been in Paris to put it together, together. Inside are 10 writers from 10 different cities across the world, including Birmingham, England which is very close to where one of the co-editors was born. You can grab a copy for £3 here, now, and we’ll send it to you, there, wherever you are. Here’s the bronzed beauty Evan showing it off back at Spoken Word in Paris on Monday.


Page 18 Released



Oh hey, we’ve just turned 18. A big one. And to celebrate, we made the trip over the road to stand outside the permanently lit ‘Kentish Town Kebab’. Page 18 is released today with 12 writers inside. This is the third Page for the month of March 2014. We haven’t had 3 Pages in 1 month since July 2013 – and we definitely weren’t all grown up then. Enough numbers, buy a Page and read some words.

Page 16 Released

ImageIt’s been four wet and windy weeks since our last issue due to a paper shortage – but we’re back with Page 16. Inside are 13 different writers from cities ranging from Cambridge, UK to Chongqing, China. Here’s Lucia looking all sneaky and cheeky. You can get Page 16 from one of our stockists, from the Spoken Word in Paris or Paris Lit Up events or get it sent to your door for £3 here

Paris Lit Up Magazine


The honestly wonderful people at Paris Lit Up are looking for submissions for Issue no.2 of their Magazine. Paris Lit Up and Spoken Word in Paris had a huge influence in the creation of the Pages. Their weekly Spoken Word events, and the people who perform and host them, are a big part of what the Pages are born from. Hit them up.

Rob Reeves in Page 11



Here’s Rob Reeves performing at Spoken Word London. His poem ‘One Cup of Tea’ is published in Page 11. Check out this humorous liddle snippet and if you’d like to read the rest – grab a copy from our website. The excellent photo is courtesy of George Sydney Selwyn-Brace. Rob looks nuts.

“So perhaps I’ll get my head tattooed,
And start hitting the gym,
And trade the Corsa in for a motorcycle
And adopt a casual misogyny.”

Annexe Magazine’s ‘Interrobang Festival’

annexeThe lovely boys over at Annexe Magazine are holding their annual Interrobang festival on Saturday 23rd November. It’s going to be full of spoken word, comedy, music, workshops and happy people. If you’re in London, you should definitely come have some fun. We’re going to be manning a table for the Pages at the Small Press Fair during the day. Come down, say hi, look at us and we’ll look back at you. This is what Annexe’s “Introducing” series looks like. Hot.

The Second ‘Belleville Park Players’ Releases Tomorrow


Around a month ago, maybe two, a young lad with a guitar walked into a room full of people in Paris. What followed was a beautiful, beautiful performance which resulted in tears streaming down faces, hands covering mouths and teeth biting lips. We’re really excited to announce that we will be releasing our second ‘Belleville Park Players’ film tomorrow. It features the aforementioned performer and we’re very proud to have shot this film.