Stocked at Foyles Bookstore at the Southbank Centre, London!



You can now pick up a copy of the latest Page from the Foyles Bookshop branch at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre. The Southbank Centre is an area of galleries, theatres and general cool things to do on the south side of the River Thames. Grab a Page for £2 and chill by the river for £0.


Back On The Grind



So, we’re back to work. A week today the fourteenth Page, and first of the Winter Subscription, will be released. We’re excited to get back to consistently painful paper cuts, smudging ink and some really, really good writing. Here’s a liddle photo of a group of us folding in the Parisian Summer heat. Ah. How we’ve all grown up! Ah.

Au Revoir, Will.



The American half of the Belleville Park Pages (a certain Mr Will Cox whose green sock is visible in the bottom right corner of the picture), is today leaving Paris to spread the Page in his homeland after 6 months of writer-loitering, facial hair growing and general mischief. With the British half now in London, we have four beautiful, trusting and mischievous people who are going to help us with the Paris side of things. We’ll show those hunniez off tomorrow. For now, here’s a picture of where it all started – a load of friends reading words in Belleville Park. Thanks and peace, Paris

Pages in Arizona


Last night’s Spoken Word in Paris definitely had a back-to-SKOOL playground feel about it. There were fights instigated by French One Direction lookalikes (Une Direction), tears over mind-blowing guitar pieces, haunting singing, sweaty limbs and some really great poetry. It was really, really good. Here are the Pages on their final summer flourish with Lindsey Webb on Lake Powell in Arizona. You can still subscribe for the 6 Summer Issues for €15, or for the Year which is 26 Issues for €60. All postage & packaging & hand printing and all of that stuff included.

Brookline Booksmith, Boston


Boston, we’ve got a delivery for you. Very happy to announce that the Pages will now be stocked at Brookline Booksmith. They will be stocking issues 1-5 from early this week. Go give them a look and don’t forget to check out the great used book room downstairs. If you’re not in Boston, you can grab a copy from here.



We’ve been given confirmation that we’re going to be stocked in a fair few new stores across the world recently – which is a really nice thing for all the writers in the Pages. For IKEA Will, this means he has to make lots more crafty boxes. Here’s a little insight into his box-making techniques.

To the Lighthouse?

ImagePerfect picture for the moment Lily Briscoe blows everyone’s (mine, at the very least) mind in Virginia Woolf’s ‘To The Lighthouse’: “Taking out a pen-knife, Mr. Bankes tapped the canvas with the bone handle. What did she wish to indicate by the triangular purple shape, “just there”? he asked. It was Mrs. Ramsay reading to James, she said.” Nuts. Genius. Grab Issue 5 here